Apple pauses gambling ads on App Store product pages after developer outcry • ZebethMedia

It’s hard to imagine anyone but advertisers being happy with Apple for putting more ads on the page in App Store listings, but the way they rolled it out was especially troubling. Ads for shady gambling apps quickly pervaded the platform, appearing in the “you might also like” section of ordinary apps — including at […]

Apple cracks down on NFT functionality, social post boosts with App Store rules • ZebethMedia

Apple rolled out software updates — iOS 16.1, iPad OS 16.1, and macOS Ventura — to all users on Monday. It also introduced new App Store rules that limit features unlocked through NFTs and mandates apps to use Apple’s payment method to purchase “boosts” for posts on social media. NFTs The company said apps are […]

This startup is building a web3-friendly app store for developers • ZebethMedia

Apple’s 30% tech tax on developers has not just antagonized consumer tech giants like Epic Games and Spotify but is also turning web3 startups against it. Major NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Magic Eden noticeably only let users browse listings on their iPhone apps without enabling trading to avoid the steep fees. But doing so bars […]

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