Unit’s banking-as-a-service platform is getting into the charge card game • ZebethMedia

If the banking-as-a-service fintech Unit does its job right, it will be ubiquitous among businesses and simultaneously have a name unknown to the end user. The company gives companies a way to embed financial services into their product — and after already launching debit cards, Unit is officially breaking into the charge card game. Unit […]

Most of the unicorns aren’t • ZebethMedia

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Oh what a week. What a week. Things are busier than ever at ZebethMedia, where we’re coming out of our post-conference stupor and charing straight back into a packed news cycle. Sure, Musk is […]

Yes, but CEOs? That’s complicated) • ZebethMedia

There’s no one who knows a company’s inner workings like a chief financial officer. So, when three high-profile CFOs leave their jobs at richly valued, late-stage startups in quick succession, we notice it. This week, OpenSea CFO Brian Roberts left the web3 company less than a year after taking the job. Days later, Brex CFO […]

Brex, valued at $12.3B earlier this year, lays off 11% of staff as part of restructuring • ZebethMedia

The startup’s CFO is departing to join Rippling, which recently entered the spend management space Mary Ann Azevedo 12 hours Corporate spend management startup Brex has laid off 136 people, or 11% of its staff, across all departments as part of a restructuring, the company has told ZebethMedia exclusively. After the layoffs, Brex has just […]

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