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Creative Fabrica, a marketplace for digital files like print-on-demand assets, fonts and graphics, announced today it will launch its own generative AI tool. Called CF Spark, it’s already seen three million prompts generated, and more than 500,000 published by Creative Fabrica creators over the past three weeks.
Like other digital assets on the platform, users can put up their generative AI files for paid use by other members, which Creative Fabrica says makes it the first generative AI that also allows creators to make money.
Backed by investors like Felix Capital, FJ Labs and Peak Capital, Creative Fabrica has an agreement with Stable Diffusion, the image-generating AI system by Stability AI and is working on a partnership with OpenAI to include Dalle 2 in its ecosystem. CF Spark also uses the Dreamstudio API. Creative Fabrica CEO Roemie Hillenaar said this mix allows users to get different results and covers a broader range of styles.
Creative Spark started building CF Spark before Stable Diffusion was released open source, Hillenaar told ZebethMedia.
“We saw that DALLE and MidJourney where opening up their gates towards more beta users and we took the bet that OpenAI (make DALLE) will open up their API at any time. At the time we were betting towards the end of this year and we thought to build already the product as if the API would be available,” he added. But in the middle of that, Stability AI released Stable Diffusion open source and since Creative Fabrica was already in the process of developing CF Spark, it allowed it to take the new tool live more quickly.
To use CF Spark, creators enter a prompt, which generates four images that they can chose to publish on their page. Other Creative Fabrica users can re-prompt the AI images to get different results and upload images of what they create with AI-generated art (for example, a T-shirt).
CF Spark is available to Creative Fabrica’s four million users for free. In total, the platform has a library of almost six million fonts and graphics.

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