Secret Life Podcast Ep. 99 Faith Alyssa Peter

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If you are a mom, if you have ever felt stressed out, potty training, getting groceries, cleaning the house, and literally just finding your kid sometimes. Today’s guest is going to help you find calm once again. 
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Our guest today is Faith Alyssa Peter, and she owns a business called Stressed Out Mama’s Subscription Box. She gives moms that gift of relaxation that we all crave. So nevermind listening to me Faith, take it away, introduce yourself and tell me all about this subscription box. I can’t wait to hear about it.
Faith  0:47  
Well, Barbara, I want to first start off by saying thank you so much. This is a huge, huge honor for me and my little business. Wait a second, let me cause big business. Yeah,
Barb  0:57  
exactly, exactly.
Faith  1:00  
So I started my business about 18 months ago now. And I was looking to bring mom retreats home. Because us moms, we don’t get the time to go on those five fishing trips. Like sometimes our husbands or spouses do or we don’t get to go golfing or we don’t get to do all of those things. And I was thinking to myself, I told my spouse and he was so supportive. Yeah, go out honey, go for a weekend with your friends. And I said, I don’t have any buddies.
Barb  1:28  
So true. That wasn’t exactly true.
Faith  1:33  
Right. So then I thought, Okay, well, let’s do mom retreats. And then I thought to myself, Okay, if I was to do a mom retreat, well, now I gotta check off all the boxes, the babysitter, I gotta pack. I gotta make sure everything’s together. I got to make sure the house is clean. Because when the babysitter comes over, I don’t want them to judge me. And I thought, Oh, this sounds way more stressful to get to the retreat, than it would be for any mom to actually go.
Barb  1:56  
Exactly, yes. And then you spend the whole retreat worrying, what if the baby is sick? What if this happens? What if the dog gets lost? Right? How is that supposed to be relaxing?
Faith  2:06  
Exactly. So I have the opportunity to bring it home for moms with my subscription box. It is all Canadian made products inside the box, which is super exciting to come because supporting local is a great idea. But realistically, us moms don’t have time to spend hours and hours looking for something. So not only is it a retreat package, but it’s also an everyday essential. And what I mean by that is you’re gonna get laundry. So you’re gonna get razors, you’re gonna get shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, things that you actually need in motherhood. But then I paired it with body scrubs, bath bombs, scrunchie, earrings, jewelry, so many different items to combine motherhood essentials, but still being able to pamper and relax yourself all in one.
Barb  2:53  
That is so cool. The thought of not having to run around to pick up my razors and getting scrubbed, especially for this time of year because like the, like pasty white flaky skin is like coming out of the woodwork right now. Right? Yes, it is brilliant. So, like, how in the heck did this one ever come to you.
Faith  3:18  
Um, I have always been passionate about spoiling myself. So when I first became a mom, eight years ago, I was fortunate unfortunate to be in a very domestic violent, abusive relationship. And after that, I decided I would never be put there again. I had that will in that power in that fire. So I started to pamper myself all the time. And I started to realize other moms looked at me like I was psychotic. You bought yourself flowers. You took yourself for a date? What is wrong with you? I was like, aren’t you supposed to? I’ve got it confused.
Barb  3:53  
You know what I love about that, though, faith. You were empowered to look after yourself. And that’s one of the things that we’re, we’ve got busy lives, careers, kids jobs, our own businesses, whatever it is, we our own self care tends to end up at the bottom of that list. And so creating that no guilt environment where it’s like, it becomes normal to look after yourself. Like we need more of that we need more women thinking like how do I find the time? How do I make time for myself? Right, brilliant.
Faith  4:35  
So then when I met my current spouse, he had two sons, so I got to have two bonus boys. So I became an instant mom from a single one mom to three. Okay, and I went, Oh, this is fun. And then we decided to have one more. That turned out to be twins
Barb  4:54  
One more. Yep.
Faith  4:56  
And living out in rural Saskatchewan. I realized supporting local was extremely difficult. It wasn’t as easy as going down to the local store and picking up something local, it became very hard for me
Barb  5:10  
Really see and I would have thought the exact opposite. I would have thought supporting local, especially in the smaller communities would have been really? Wow. Okay, this is fascinating to me
Faith  5:20  
Because it’s easy to go on Amazon and buy something, have it shipped to your Pio box. It’s not easy to go on a website and say I’m looking for Canadian made laundry soap. What mom, even if you have one kid, is going to type into Google. I want to find Canadian laundry soap. So it’s on Amazon, that it ended up done.
Barb  5:42  
Exactly. Well. And if you’re going on Amazon, it’s like, oh, the kid needs a new bathing suit because they outgrew the fourth one this year or new shoes or? Right. Exactly. It’s yeah. It’s constantly thinking about
Faith  5:56  
It’s just the simplicity of it. And being realistic. us moms, we need simple like yourself, Bob, we were saying before we jumped on the call. You know you have teenagers, you’re still thinking about what those teenagers need to get done. Yep. And you forget about brushing my teeth? Did I take care of myself? Something so simple?
Barb  6:16  
Well, the good news is with the teeth, like you can just kind of, you know, check with your tongue and be like, Oh, no, today, I didn’t do that. Right. You know, it’s so funny Faith. Because when I go to the gym in the morning is there’s lots of times that I don’t see the kids before they go to school. And so my spouse also works from home. And so you know, he has to get them out the door. But before I leave in the morning, it’s inevitable. K, don’t forget this. And he has to take his lunch today. And then she’s got this right. And I give them this checklist. And I know it’s going in one ear out the other because when I get home, oh, no, you didn’t take his lunch today. Okay, I’ll run it over to him. Like really? Right? Why do I bother? Right?
Faith  7:02  
Exactly. So with all that stress on your mind constantly, how are you going to say, Okay, now, I want to go on, buy a foot scrub, you’re not going to do that. So when it is shipped to your mouth on a monthly basis, you get these pampering items, you go, hey, it’s just sitting on the counter right there for me to pamper myself. I’m gonna go grab it, and I’m gonna get these feet taken care of. Yep.
Barb  7:23  
And we’re still going into that season. Ladies, you need to take care of those feet.
Faith  7:28  
Right? So I love coming up with my box names because me and my fiance. He has such a great sense of humor, and I do as well. So last month’s box was called a wooly mammoth. 
Barb  7:41  
Oh my god, god. Oh my god. That’s hilarious. 
Faith  7:45  
Perfect timing for getting into spring. So it came with razors. Shampoo and Conditioner, body butter. And then it came with heatless curls. All of these items have been made here in Canada. But like you’re never gonna get them right before spring and you’re gonna go put on your capris or put on your shorts and go oh, my legs. Right.
Barb  8:11  
Okay, we just think what was that last one? What would you call it? heatless curls. I’ve never heard that hurl.
Faith  8:16  
So they’re this cool thing that they clip into the top of your hair. And they look like basically a rope. But this is a rope made out of silk. So it promotes your hair not breaking. You wrap. I go. Not super damp, but like a towel dry down, wrap my head around it. And then at the end, I come out and I have these beautiful curls.
Barb  8:38  
Like waves and curls. Cool. Yeah. Oh, I like that. Like not doing the hair required. Take it out of these things. Boom hair done. I like that.
Faith  8:49  
right? So I always see on Instagram, all these trendy moms, you see these heatless curls and stuff. But when I go to look, I can only find US based products when I go on Amazon US based products. So I was so lucky to find a lady in Ontario called Laguna August and she makes some. Oh, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is so exciting. 
Faith  9:13  
But then it kind of clicked to me when I went looking and I went oh my gosh, they’re $35 ouch. Yep. Am I going to spend $35 compared to Amazon? That is $12. Oh, right. That’s a huge difference. And when it comes to supporting locals, that happens a lot. Where we go, oh, supporting locals is almost double the price. Can I afford that? Can I do it? But with this subscription box I purchase at wholesale so that you get the opportunity to have a box. Yeah, that is only costing $65. But if you’re gonna buy everything by itself it would be double or triple the amount.
Barb  9:52  
Oh, see, and that’s okay. So that is really smart. Because if you can get it wholesale and you’re doing All the homework for me, that’s a total bonus.
Faith  10:04  
Right? So subscription boxes are going to be, I think the new in thing here in Canada in the US, they are a lifesaver, because you have someone that does all the research for you all the work and takes on most of the cost for you just get to reap the benefits of having something shipped to your door. Exactly, yes, please.
Barb  10:25  
And so does the box automatically come every month? Or do I have to do something?
Faith  10:31  
No, that’s a great thing. So you can sign up for a monthly subscription. Okay, I have month to month, there’s no commitment, you can cancel at any time. There’s a three month option where you pay three months at a time, okay, or there’s a 12 month subscription. Sweet. 
Faith  10:45  
So the cool thing is, I have had dads whose wives have signed up month to month. And then she goes, Oh, you know, I’m feeling too guilty. I’m going to cancel. They go about one month, and then all of a sudden I’m getting a message or a Facebook or something going How do I sign her up? She gets me extremely stressed. I don’t know what to do at all. I know this box kit. Stop coming to my door. Please help me. Oh, oh, I know what you’re talking about. Let me set you up.
Barb  11:15  
Exactly. Oh, that’s hilarious. So but you know, you think about it. Like when you’re even when you’re posting on Instagram. Yes, women are your target. But men are probably equally your target.
Faith  11:29  
Yes. And for men, they get scared because I’ve asked a couple of them in my town like why don’t you sign her up for a subscription? Well, I’m scared. What are you scared of? She loves it. Mother’s Day birthday and Christmas? What are you scared of? Well, what happens if she doesn’t like it? And I said, if she’s loving it three months out of the year, trust me show love it all the time. Exactly. So a lot of men don’t even want to sign you up for this subscription because they’re scared. Well, what if she doesn’t like it? Well, now it’s on me that she hates this thing, and I’m gonna get in so much trouble. What should I do? So I always promote to the women that follow me, you need to tell them, you just say, hey, I want this. Get it for me. Are they gonna be too scared?
Barb  12:10  
You know, but that’s that, that brings up a really good point. Because yeah, our husbands are often unsure. And it’s really hard to help them understand that getting me something that you know, is going to be relaxing. How do you not like that? Right and not like it?
Faith  12:33  
Right and practical. Like, it’s not just relaxing, but it’s practical. So like your guilt of him spending money on you or taking money out of the family budget. It’s not really taking money or the family budget, because you’d be buying this stuff anyways. Totally. Yep. So like, there’s no guilt wrapped around this box.
Barb  12:52  
So you know, it’s funny, because as women, right, we’re looking at the household budget and this much for the kids and this much for groceries. And as you say, husband’s head off on their golf trips, their fishing trips, right? Do all this like guy stuff, which you know, I totally get and they need to do. But then when it comes to spending money on ourselves, we’re terrible. Now, I know I’m really generalizing. Because yes, I confessed. I might have just a small shoe collection. thing, right? Shoes and apps. Like that is my thing. Right? But yeah, if I’m, you know, looking at the budget, there’s no way I’m gonna go like, I need to go buy some leg scrub, like there’s no way that’s gonna hit the grocery list. Or be top of mind when I’m heading through, you know, any department store. So Exactly.
Faith  13:47  
Or like my biggest thing last summer was I put sunglasses into my box. And I was like, oh, wait a second. I think I buy my kids four or five pairs throughout the entire summer that might have scratched marks falling apart. And I like gluing them together just to make it through. Why am I not doing this? What is going on?
Barb  14:07  
Exactly? Do you know what the most hilarious part about that is? I just got new glasses. Today’s the first day with them. Um, but the point of my story is, when I went to get new glasses, I was like, you know, when’s the last time I got them? So I did call the eye store back and say, when’s the last time you had like, prescription for me? Was over four years ago. My kids have been through four pairs. This is like my first pair in four years. Like what the heck?
Faith  14:40  
Right? Something so simple that moms feel that we need to give up. Yes. And then we
Barb  14:47  
We don’t make the time for it. Right? Yeah, I gotta go get a new prescription. I gotta make the appointment. I gotta find time out of the workday. Like I gotta do all this stuff. Just to get glasses that look like you’re actually clear today for the first time. And who knows how long? Right? Right. And so yeah,
Faith  15:04  
we put it off until we get to that cycle of just beating ourselves up. I feel like as moms, we wait too long. So this box teaches you that you don’t have to wait any longer. You don’t have to spend the time. You don’t have to spend energy. I do it all for you.
Barb  15:18  
Yep. So how do you find the stuff that goes in the box? So you talked about this gal from Ontario? How do you find all this stuff?
Faith  15:27  
So usually, I just spent a lot of time Googling and researching and Facebooking, and all of those fun things. To find them. I planned my boxes about a year in advance, because what I do is if you follow me on social media, I always have a poll up there. So my followers get the chance to pick out things. And I don’t even think they realize what they’re doing sometimes, because they’re like, Oh, this is a fun guessing game. I like this, or I like this. Yeah. And then I take the majority of what everyone’s liking, and I put it into a box. And then when the ladies get it, they go, Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. I got this.
Barb  16:03  
So people don’t know what they’re getting before they get it either.
Faith  16:06  
No. So it’s like, a legit Santa Claus.
Barb  16:10  
I was just saying, like Christmas every month, then when that thing shows up.
Faith  16:15  
Right? So I always giggle because Santa is real if you’re listening, but sometimes he likes to tell us moms what he’s getting us moms. So we get a little disappointed as you get older, because Santa needs to make sure that you’re getting what you want. But I get to be that bet that fantastic Santa from when you were a kid and you don’t get to know what you’re getting until you get it.
Barb  16:41  
Oh, that’s even better? Because like you just you never know what’s coming. Right? Like there’s a surprise, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Like, there’s something about that little bit of surprise. Right?
Faith  16:54  
Right. And it’s exciting that when you go to your post office, I love my post office ladies like the one who actually started to subscribe, because she’s like, I always see you with these boxes. And you never tell me what’s in them. And I can’t open them. And you just leave a lot of my customers that say yeah, that actually happened with my post office too. They get so excited because they see each other month after month after month.
Barb  17:17  
So you know what? So that’s a really good point, because I’ve heard that from a number of local retailers trying to ship across Canada is almost cost prohibitive in this country. So how do you make that part work?
Faith  17:31  
So I actually offer my, my clients, I don’t want to say clients, I want to say friends, their customers, but they are my friends because when you sign up, I definitely become your friend. I offer a flat shipping rate. So I offer $12 flat shipping across Canada. That’s good mom guilt kicks in. And if my box is $65 plus another 30 to $40. On top of that, well now you’re feeling way too guilty to spend it. Yeah. And if it’s only an extra $12 on top of it plus your taxes. It’s like Oh, I’m getting a pretty kickin deal for this.
Barb  18:07  
For that price. You can’t even buy a good pair of shoes anymore. So, you know, think of it that way. I’m either gonna go buy shoes, or subscribe to this box. Like come on, dear. Which one’s gonna be better for him?
Faith  18:18  
Right And the crazy thing is if you were to buy from my vendors singly, you’re paying $20 shipping per item per item. So yeah, you get anywhere between five to eight items a box.
Barb  18:32  
Ah, so have you Okay, now this is totally contrary to everything you’re doing but it just popped into my head. And that’s how my brain works when it goes in so I’m gonna come out anyway. Have you ever thought about putting your subscription box on Amazon
Faith  18:47  
Wow, you just like to let all the goodies out of the bag. Oh, and one session don’t you!
Barb  18:56  
Not planned at all.
Faith  18:58  
Not at all. Yeah, actually, this month I’ve been looking into placing them onto Amazon. The only thing with Amazon as you then wouldn’t get the subscription you would just get a one time purchase box which still works great. And gets that awareness out there to everyone that even if you’re on Amazon, you can still try and support local
Barb  19:16  
Exactly. Why wouldn’t it work as a subscription because I know if I buy shampoo off Amazon I can have it show up monthly. So we have a subscription service.
Faith  19:27  
so then I would have to ship all of my products to Amazon warehouse. Oh okay. And I quite enjoy packing the boxes I have learned from opening my business. I’m a worker bee. My favorite part of this business is packaging the boxes.
Barb  19:42  
Okay, yeah, that makes sense. And then but does Amazon take a big cut of the box?
Faith  19:50  
Yeah, sadly they do. So that’s kind of the downfall of it. If I put my boxes on Amazon I will be making no commissions. I got it. I do understand that to get my name out there and to get people to recognize who I am, sometimes you just gotta take that little bullet to get to the big picture.
Barb  20:09  
And you would still get to do the shipping, right?
Faith  20:13  
I’m not too sure I haven’t looked too far into it. So they might charge different shipping, too, they might charge you for shipping. 
Barb  20:19  
Yeah, well, and what I was thinking is, even if you can get your card in there, right, and invite that second month where they get it direct from you, you might be able to turn that into some pretty good, and especially if there was, there’s a way to to do a price difference. So if you get it from Amazon, it’s this much. But if you get it directly from Faith, then it’s only this much. Right? Yeah, bring a few people back. Because yeah, just getting the awareness. It’s huge. It’s absolutely huge. 
Faith  20:49  
The great thing about me is that not a lot of people know about me, so all of my subscribers, like I said, they’re my friends, because we talk on almost a daily basis. And I love that. I hope as soon as I get super, super big, I’m still able to connect with everyone, because that was kind of the basis behind my box was to have a mom community as well. Yeah. So I have a great mom community on Facebook, where we have 700 Women in it. And it is so beautiful that we all just get to connect all throughout Canada, and we just love each other. When someone’s feeling down. We just boost her up. And it’s like, this is awesome. This is what I love to see.
Barb  21:25  
Exactly. So for your social channels, do you just have a Facebook page and an Instagram page? Or do you actually have a group where everybody kind of converges?
Faith  21:34  
Yeah, so I’ve got on Facebook, I have a business page and then I also have a private club. It’s called stressed out Mama’s club. And then, right, which is so unique, because everyone is a stressed out Mom, I don’t care where you are in your motherhood journey. Even I have found that some grandmothers still say, you know, I still worry about my 30 year old child.
Barb  21:58  
Oh, totally. Doesn’t matter how old they are. No, I totally get that. Yeah,
Faith  22:03  
Right. And then I have Instagram, and it’s just dressed up. Mama’s again. And then I also have tick tock which has been interesting, because I started to post about me using my products. And the other day, I posted a video of me shaving. And it went viral. And I went, why are you guys watching me shave my legs? Like, why is it interesting? I’m so confused.
Barb  22:29  
Oh, God, I hear that from so many people that use tick tock. It’s like, the things that I think will go viral? No, I got like a couple 100 things that were nothing. That’s what takes off. It’s like, what the heck?
Faith  22:43  
Yes. Right. Granted, I did that my legs grow for about six months. So they were quite hairy.
Barb  22:52  
Back to that wooly mammoth box.
Faith  22:55  
Exactly. And I didn’t know until I got these Razors that you’re not supposed to lift your razor off of your body when shaving. You’re just supposed to go up and down, up and down. And it will create less bumps. Okay, and less razor burn. So I was like, Okay, I gotta try this. But I want to make sure my legs are super hairy. Yep. To see if this actually works. And I was shocked. It worked.
Barb  23:18  
Wow, I had no idea. Yeah, I’ve always been like, bottom to top, bottom to top, bottom to top right.
Faith  23:27  
That’s how you’re taught? Well, that’s how I was taught at least Yeah,
Barb  23:30  
yeah, exactly. You watch your mom. And that’s what she would do. And oh my god, that’s fascinating. Okay, we have a couple of minutes left. But I have to ask you one more question. And then I want you to tell us how we find you. What is the craziest item that you’ve ever found that you put in the box?
Faith  23:48  
Whoo. That’s a good one. No craziest item as in pampering or as in realistic,
Barb  23:56  
just like, I don’t know, wild and crazy and wouldn’t wouldn’t necessarily think of in a pampering box.
Faith  24:04  
I think the laundry detergent really threw everyone for a loop. They were kind of like whoa, this is really awesome. I never thought of this as a pantry item. But it was Yeah. And then I think the other one would have been my mosquito spray. So you know, spray in a pampering box. People are like, Wait a second. How is this pampering? I’m like, do you enjoy getting bitten by mosquitoes? Because I don’t think this is the best Capri gift?
Barb  24:30  
No, I agree. But you know what, if you like not having to go out and get the laundry soap because you discover that you’re out on Sunday morning or not having to go out and actually find a location that has mosquito spray right now because everybody’s shelves will be cleaned off. Like I’m sorry, but to save me some time and I’m all in. Right so. No, I totally think those were awesome.
Faith  24:55  
I just loved when a dad had messaged me because he was like, I’m confused. I Thought this was like a pampering relaxing box. But she got laundry soap but I was like, Yeah, trust me. She’s gonna find it really relaxing.
Barb  25:09  
A little, you know? Yup. Rightly. Oh, all right, as we wrap it up here Faith tell us like how can folks find you? How can they subscribe? How can they learn about you and give us all the deets?
Faith  25:25  
Yes, so I am on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok Stressed Out Mamas is how you find me on all three which is great. And then my website is And that’s kind of how you get started with me. It’s just fine. Yeah, and those socials are my website.
Barb  25:44  
Perfect. That sounds fantastic. 
Barb  25:46  
Faith, thank you very much for joining us here today on The Secret Life podcast. 
Barb  25:50  
If you would like to be a guest on the show, you can email me at or reach out on our Facebook and Instagram page at Just a reminder, you can even submit questions in advance of the show just on our Facebook page. 
Barb  26:09  
I’m your host Barb McGrath, local business owner and Google girl. Remember who worked hard for your success. Don’t keep it a secret. Bye for now.

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