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Patreon competitor Fanfix launches ‘SuperLink,’ a link-in-bio platform aimed at Gen Z creators • ZebethMedia

Fanfix, the Patreon-style platform focused on Gen Z, announced today the launch of SuperLink, a standalone monetization-focused link-in-bio platform that displays a creator’s Fanfix page. Fanfix previously partnered with various link-in-bio companies, including Koji, Beacons and Hoo.bee. However, the company says many of its creators requested Fanfix build its own version of the feature. It […]

Patreon adds a long-awaited native video feature • ZebethMedia

Patreon creators can now upload videos directly to the platform. After hyping it up for a full year, Patreon Video will roll out to eligible creators on Patreon’s Pro and Premium plans. “We’re just so excited to see what creators do with this,” Patreon CPO Julian Gutman told ZebethMedia. “I think it’s going to free […]

YouTube’s ad revenue is declining, but creator economy experts aren’t worried • ZebethMedia

The social platforms that power the creator economy might seem like they’re starting to slip. YouTube’s quarterly ad revenue declined 1.9% year over year, per Google parent company Alphabet’s quarterly earnings report this week. Overall, Alphabet missed analyst estimates, earning $69.1 billion in revenue, about a billion dollars less than expected. For many YouTubers, ad […]

Is MrBeast actually worth $1.5 billion? • ZebethMedia

Whenever YouTube superstar MrBeast crops up in business or tech headlines, you’re guaranteed to find a slew of bewildered comments: Who is this guy, and why is a YouTuber such a big deal? Am I old if I don’t know who this is? Why is he younger than me, yet makes so much more money? […]

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