YouTube Shorts can now include 60 seconds of music or sounds, up from 15 seconds before • ZebethMedia

YouTube today is addressing one of creators’ chief complaints with filming videos for its TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts: to date, the music and sounds added to videos could only be 15 seconds in length, even though Shorts themselves can be as long as 60 seconds. Now, thanks to revised licensing deals, YouTube says the majority […]

YouTube Shorts begins testing shopping features and affiliate marketing • ZebethMedia

YouTube is adding shopping features to Shorts, its TikTok-like short-form video product, the company confirmed to ZebethMedia on Tuesday. The new shopping features allow users to purchase products as they scroll through Shorts. The news was first reported by the Financial Times. The company is starting to introduce shopping features on YouTube Shorts with eligible […]

YouTube’s new ‘Live Q&A’ feature makes it easier to manage questions during livestreams • ZebethMedia

YouTube is introducing a new “Live Q&A” feature that is designed to make it easier for creators to interact with viewers during livestreams. When creators start a Q&A, the prompt will appear as a pinned message in the chat. Viewers can then submit their questions and creators can select one and pin it, so viewers […]

YouTube Music and Premium top 80 million paid subscribers • ZebethMedia

Today, YouTube announced that it surpassed 80 million YouTube Music and Premium subscribers globally, including customers using free trials. The year-over-year increase of 30 million subscribers is noteworthy and puts the company on track to becoming one of the top streaming music providers. In September 2021, YouTube reported 50 million Music and Premium subs. “We’ve […]

YouTube will soon roll out a ‘Go Live Together’ co-streaming feature to select creators • ZebethMedia

YouTube is gearing up to roll out a new feature that will allow select creators to invite a guest to go live with them, the company announced on its Creator Insider channel and in a blog post. At launch, creators will only be able to co-stream via a phone, as the feature won’t available on […]

YouTube begins selling streaming subscriptions with its new streaming hub, ‘Primetime Channels’ • ZebethMedia

YouTube is bringing more streaming services to its platform in the U.S. with a new feature, “Primetime Channels,” allowing consumers to subscribe and watch content from over 30 services within the YouTube app. The company has signed up with streaming partners like Paramount+, Showtime, Epix, Starz, AMC+ and more. The new feature is in YouTube’s […]

YouTube redesign gives long-form videos, Shorts and Live videos their own tabs on channel pages • ZebethMedia

YouTube is rolling out a change impacting how videos appear on its platform. The company today announced a redesign that now splits video content into three different tabs on all channel pages — one for YouTube’s traditional long-form content, another for YouTube Shorts only, and a third for Live videos, including past, current and upcoming […]

YouTube’s ad revenue is declining, but creator economy experts aren’t worried • ZebethMedia

The social platforms that power the creator economy might seem like they’re starting to slip. YouTube’s quarterly ad revenue declined 1.9% year over year, per Google parent company Alphabet’s quarterly earnings report this week. Overall, Alphabet missed analyst estimates, earning $69.1 billion in revenue, about a billion dollars less than expected. For many YouTubers, ad […]

YouTube opens up certification program for health-related channels • ZebethMedia

YouTube announced today that it will certify channels of licensed health professionals like doctors, nurses, or therapists who produce health-related content. Last year, the company introduced a label noting that the info on the channel is from a certified healthcare professional. Plus, it showed videos from these approved channels in a new carousel called “From […]

Is MrBeast actually worth $1.5 billion? • ZebethMedia

Whenever YouTube superstar MrBeast crops up in business or tech headlines, you’re guaranteed to find a slew of bewildered comments: Who is this guy, and why is a YouTuber such a big deal? Am I old if I don’t know who this is? Why is he younger than me, yet makes so much more money? […]

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