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A love letter to micro funds, the backbone and future of venture capital

While the Sequoias and the Andreessen Horowitzes of the world continue to swell in size, their influence on venture capital may be heading in the opposite direction as micro funds increase their impact on the industry. Whether you define micro funds as below $50 million or sub-$25 million, these are truly the funds that power […]

SaaS startups that ignored VC advice to cut sales and marketing better off this year

Venture-backed startups have had to make myriad spending cuts this year in an attempt to either live up to a high valuation, minimize their burn rate or both. But new data from fintech Capchase shows that many startups — especially venture-backed ones — seem to be getting the wrong advice concerning where to downsize. Capchase, […]

October funding plateaus with valuations likely to blame

After a particularly slow summer, the mood in venture capital seemed to change with the season come Labor Day. By the end of September, it felt that maybe the worst had already come in terms of this year’s falling venture funding numbers. Investment volume had stopped declining and was starting to make up ground. Investors […]

Long live the vibe capitalist! • ZebethMedia

Last week, many investors were left with egg on their faces after FTX’s valuation went from $32 billion to zero in a New York minute. VCs were left wondering, “What the hell happened?” And they’re still wondering, “Wait — did I do something wrong? Is it me?” Why yes, actually, it is you. People are […]

How the FirstBuild product co-creation studio is changing how new things are made • ZebethMedia

Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and small-batch production for the win If you are running R&D at a large appliance manufacturer, you have a challenge. You typically make products in enormous quantities at pretty slim margins. In order to recoup your development, tooling and launch marketing costs, you need to create and sell a huge number of products. […]

Nearly 80% of venture funds raised in just two states as US LPs retreat to the coasts

Venture capital funds in the United States raised more dry powder in the first three quarters of this year than they did in all of 2021, but it’s not equally distributed: The big funds keep getting bigger while fundraising has gotten harder for the majority of other players. And Q3 data shows that where a […]

Amid record dry powder, VCs are determined to fund anything but you

Seriously, anything If you had to sum up the 2022 venture capital market in one word, that word could be contradictions. Venture funds have record dry powder — deployable capital on hand — and yet funding continues to steadily decline. There is seemingly more talk of backing women and people of color in the industry […]

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