Qualcomm debuts latest flagship Snapdragon chip and a new AI platform • ZebethMedia

It’s that time of year again. It can drop 20 degrees on any given day, and we’re stuck indoors watching people watch Qualcomm announce new chips and reference designs in sunny Hawaii. The Snapdragon Summit is the component-maker’s annual opportunity to map out its big plans for the next year, ahead of the holiday scrum […]

How the FirstBuild product co-creation studio is changing how new things are made • ZebethMedia

Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and small-batch production for the win If you are running R&D at a large appliance manufacturer, you have a challenge. You typically make products in enormous quantities at pretty slim margins. In order to recoup your development, tooling and launch marketing costs, you need to create and sell a huge number of products. […]

Amazon eyes devices group as it undertakes broad cost cutting • ZebethMedia

The Echo business has always looked like Amazon playing the long game from the outside. Above all, the company’s home consumer hardware is a convenient vessel for getting Alexa into millions of homes. But when a corporation is doing some serious belt tightening amid broader economic headwinds, no divisions are safe from cost cutting — […]

With $7M raised, Keyo launches a biometric palm verification network • ZebethMedia

Maybe you’ve heard of Keyo. Perhaps you saw the initial round of press the firm did in 2017 — roughly two years after its founding. Or maybe you saw it pop back in 2020, riding the wave of news around Amazon’s lukewarmly received hand-scanner tech. You may have wondered precisely what’s been going on with […]

I guess you can (officially) use your fancy Canon camera as a webcam studio now • ZebethMedia

When the pandemic slammed into our shores a couple of years ago, many of us were shoo-ed inside, doomed to endless Zoom meetings. At the time, Canon released a beta of its EOS Webcam Utility, and then seemed to pretty much forget about it. Until today. In a ‘geez, Canon, this would have been helpful […]

Amazon is now replacing customers’ discontinued Cloud Cams with new Blink Mini devices • ZebethMedia

Amazon is now offering to replace customers’ discontinued Cloud Cam smart cameras with a new Blink Mini following its decision earlier this year to shut down its Cloud Cam line of products and end support for the device’s associated mobile apps. At the time of the retailer’s May 2022 announcement, Amazon said it would email […]

Devialet launches a high-end portable speaker • ZebethMedia

When you say portable speakers, most people think about cheap Bluetooth speakers that you can easily put in your backpack when you’re going to the park. But Devialet has something different in mind with the Devialet Mania. The French high-end speaker maker wants to make the most luxurious and best sounding portable speaker around. The […]

Apple warns of lower iPhone 14 Pro models shipment due to Covid-19 restrictions • ZebethMedia

Apple warned investors and customers on Sunday that it expects to ship fewer iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models as the world’s most valuable tech firm grapples with ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in China. The company said it continues to see strong demand for the pro models of the new iPhone 14 lineup, […]

Darkroom brings high-end photo smarts to your iCloud Photo Library • ZebethMedia

It’s been around for a hot minute, but Darkroom just got a pretty major update that makes it a lot more interesting for photo enthusiasts who don’t want, or can’t afford, to use more specialist tools. The fast and intuitive photo editor gives you access to your photo library, essentially giving you a Lightroom-like experience […]

Amazon details Matter rollout for Alexa devices • ZebethMedia

We’re still in the very early stages, but thus far Matter has proven to be a fairly peaceful collaboration between the biggest competitors in consumer electronics. Apple, Samsung and Google are among those that have detailed their plans to embrace the universal smart home standard following its recent launch. Today Amazon is offering some insight […]

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