You shouldn’t skim over gross dollar retention • ZebethMedia

Welcome to The ZebethMedia Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by the daily ZebethMedia+ column where it gets its name. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up here. For SaaS companies, net dollar retention is on investor radar more than ever. But it shouldn’t eclipse gross dollar retention: If you are not […]

Google introduces Workspaces Spaces Chats conversations summaries • ZebethMedia

Having trouble keeping up with the conversations in your Chats in your Workspace Spaces? Google feels your pain, and is “excited to introduce conversation summaries in Google Chat for messages in Spaces.” Now your conversations in Spaces Chats will be summarized right in your Premium Workspace. The issue is, of course, that while Chats in […]

With $8.6M in seed funding, Nx wants to take monorepos mainstream • ZebethMedia

Narwhal, the company behind the popular monorepo-focused open source Nx build system for JavaScript code, today announced that it has raised an $8.6 million seed funding round co-led by Nexus Venture Partners and Andreesen Horowitz. A number of angel investors, including GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner, also participated in this round. Founded by two former Google […]

Spot AI raises $40M to build smarter CCTV security camera tech • ZebethMedia

CCTV and other kinds of security cameras have a strong big brother vibe, but for many of us that may be because we don’t really understand or know how the footage they pick up ever gets used. Today, a startup called Spot AI that’s built a system to help answer that question at least in […]

OpsHelm emerges from stealth to automatically correct your security blunders • ZebethMedia

There are so many preventable cybersecurity incidents each year if only you were aware of the problem. It could be the classic exposed Amazon S3 bucket or a firewall vulnerability. These are what many security experts might call rookie mistakes, but which hit companies all the time because of the sheer complexity tracking security along […]

Terzo lands $16M to extract key data from contracts • ZebethMedia

Contract governance is the steps taken to make sure agreed-upon terms between a company and its suppliers are met. It’s an essential part of doing business, and the consequences for getting it wrong can be steep. McKinsey estimates that poor contract governance can cost organizations up to 9% of their total revenue, which equates to […]

Namecoach raises cash to teach users how to correctly pronounce names • ZebethMedia

We’ve all been faced with a name that’s difficult to pronounce. But not everyone considers the consequences of their mispronunciations. In a piece for Fast Company, Madhumita Mallick, the head of inclusion, equity and impact at Carta, recalls how her name became a source of anxiety even when she was a grade-school student. Studies have […]

Bending Spoons acquires Evernote, marking the end of an era • ZebethMedia

Evernote, the note-taking and task management app founded over 20 years ago, has been acquired by Milan-based app developer Bending Spoons. In a post on Evernote’s newsroom, Evernote CEO Ian Small said that Bending Spoons will take ownership of Evernote in a transaction expected to close in early 2023. “For Evernote, this decision is the […]

Microsoft and Nvidia team up to build new Azure-hosted AI supercomputer • ZebethMedia

Roughly two years ago, Microsoft announced a partnership with OpenAI, the AI lab with which it has a close commercial relationship, to build what the tech giant called an “AI Supercomputer” running in the Azure cloud. Containing over 285,000 processor cores and 10,000 graphics cards, Microsoft claimed at the time that it was one of […]

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022 is all about Azure • ZebethMedia

Microsoft today released SQL Server 2022, the latest version of its database software, which originally launched more than 33 years ago. Microsoft describes this release as the “most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet” and with connections to Azure Synapse Link for enabling real-time analytics over the database, Azure Purview for data governance and disaster […]

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