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Google introduces Workspaces Spaces Chats conversations summaries • ZebethMedia

Having trouble keeping up with the conversations in your Chats in your Workspace Spaces? Google feels your pain, and is “excited to introduce conversation summaries in Google Chat for messages in Spaces.” Now your conversations in Spaces Chats will be summarized right in your Premium Workspace. The issue is, of course, that while Chats in […]

Soft Robotics raises $26 million as staffing shortages continue • ZebethMedia

I spent last week in Boston, meeting with several of the area’s top automation startups. Soft Robotics — based in nearby Bedford, Massachusetts — is one of those names that comes up a lot. As the concept of soft robotics grippers have increasingly come into vogue, the company of the same name has been reaping […]

Scene Report: Boston • ZebethMedia

What surprised me most on returning to Boston* for the first time since the onset of the pandemic was just how clustered things are. I’m not a great scheduler and I don’t know the city’s geography particularly well, but after two days spent meeting with more than a dozen startups, it slowly dawned on me […]

Ghost Robotics fires back against ‘baseless’ Boston Dynamics lawsuit • ZebethMedia

A legal dispute over robotic patents is devolving into a war of words, as Ghost Robotics fires back against Boston Dynamics. The Philadelphia firm calls the suit both “obstructive and baseless” in a statement sent to ZebethMedia. It notes, in part, Ghost Robotics’ success has not gone unnoticed by Boston Dynamics. Rather than compete on […]

Speak lands investment from OpenAI to expand its language learning platform • ZebethMedia

Speak, an English language learning platform with AI-powered features, today announced that it raised $27 million in a Series B funding round led by the OpenAI Startup Fund, with participation from Lachy Groom, Josh Buckley, Justin Mateen, Gokul Rajaram and Founders Fund. Notably, Speak is the third startup in which OpenAI, the AI lab closely […]

Terzo lands $16M to extract key data from contracts • ZebethMedia

Contract governance is the steps taken to make sure agreed-upon terms between a company and its suppliers are met. It’s an essential part of doing business, and the consequences for getting it wrong can be steep. McKinsey estimates that poor contract governance can cost organizations up to 9% of their total revenue, which equates to […]

Namecoach raises cash to teach users how to correctly pronounce names • ZebethMedia

We’ve all been faced with a name that’s difficult to pronounce. But not everyone considers the consequences of their mispronunciations. In a piece for Fast Company, Madhumita Mallick, the head of inclusion, equity and impact at Carta, recalls how her name became a source of anxiety even when she was a grade-school student. Studies have […]

With fresh capital, Symend aims to build a better debt collection system • ZebethMedia

Squeezed by the recessionary COVID-19-era economy and the rising prices of everyday goods, some consumers are increasingly turning to lines of credit to make ends meet. According to a September 2021 survey from, 42% of U.S. adults with credit card debt increased their balances since the pandemic began in March 2020. A more recent […]

Protein programmers get a helping hand from Cradle’s generative AI • ZebethMedia

Proteins are the molecules that get work done in nature, and there’s a whole industry emerging around successfully modifying and manufacturing them for various uses. But doing so is time consuming and haphazard; Cradle aims to change that with an AI-powered tool that tells scientists what new structures and sequences will make a protein do […]

Tatum is building a robot arm to help people with deafblindness communicate • ZebethMedia

Precise numbers on deafblindness are difficult to calculate. For that reason, figures tend to be all over the place. For the sake of writing an intro to this story, we’re going to cite this study from the World Federation of the DeafBlind that puts the number of severe cases at 0.2% globally and 0.8% of […]

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