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LF Europe’s Project Sylva wants to create an open source telco cloud stack • ZebethMedia

The Linux Foundation Europe (LF Europe) — the recently launched European offshoot of the open source Linux Foundation — today announced the launch of Project Sylva, which aims to create an open source telco cloud framework for European telcos and vendors. This is the first project hosted by LF Europe and is a good example […]

Meet Budibase, a low-code open-source web app builder with automations • ZebethMedia

While there are differing perspectives on the degree to which no-code and low-code development tools could eventually supplant human software developers, it’s clear that any software that takes care of the technical “heavylifting” is having a huge impact within businesses — in terms of opening app-building to more personnel, plugging the talent gap, and helping […]

FlowForge nabs $7.2M to help companies integrate IoT using Node-RED • ZebethMedia

A new company from one of the original creators of the open source Node-RED project is setting out to make it easier for companies to bridge the gap between incompatible IoT ecosystems at scale. Node-RED, for the uninitiated, is a low-code, visual programming tool developed inside IBM for connecting APIs, hardware, and related assets that […]

Meet, an open source user-led growth platform for fostering developer communities • ZebethMedia

Community-led growth (CLG) has emerged as a popular mechanism for driving business, as companies strive to foster an ecosystem of fervent users that draws in new customers organically, serves as a support network for millions, and bangs a company’s drum completely off its own volition. Businesses such as Stripe, Slack, Canva, Notion, and Figma have […]

Mastodon’s microblogging app saw a record number of downloads after Musk’s Twitter takeover • ZebethMedia

There are signs of a small but growing Twitter exodus underway following Elon Musk’s closure of the deal to buy the social media platform last Thursday. While many Twitter users are taking a wait-and-see approach and may not have fully deleted their accounts at this time, a sizable number of people are currently checking out […]

Sigstore launches free software signing and verification service for open source projects • ZebethMedia

Software supply chain quickly became a hot topic in the last few years, especially as the number of high-profile attacks increased and the White House got involved. Sigstore, an open source project supported by the likes of Google, GitHub, Chainguard and RedHat, has become somewhat of a standard for signing, verifying and protecting software projects […]

Acquia jumps on headless CMS bandwagon with open source starter kit • ZebethMedia

Over the last decade or so, content management systems have evolved from monolithic systems managed by IT to a set of services made available to developers through an API. The more modern approach separates the presentation layer on the front end from the management on the back end. Today, Acquia, the company behind the open […]

Podcast app Pocket Casts goes open source • ZebethMedia

Popular podcast platform Pocket Casts has released its mobile clients under an open source license. WordPress parent company Automattic acquired Pocket Casts last July, having been acquired by a group of public radio companies, including NPR, back in 2018. Pocket Casts is one of the most popular “podcatcher” apps outside the big tech ecosystems of […]

The Open 3D Engine adds improved terrain creation and collaboration tools • ZebethMedia

For a long time, the world of 3D engines — especially for game developers — was all about Unity and Epic’s Unreal Engine. Then, when Amazon started its ill-fated attempt to get into gaming, it launched the Lumberyard engine (which itself was based on Crytek’s CryEngine). And while you hopefully don’t remember the disappointment that […]

NocoDB takes on Airtable with open source no-code platform that connects to production databases • ZebethMedia

A new company is setting out to challenge Airtable, the 10-year-old company recently valued at a whopping $11 billion, with a slightly different take on what it means to be a no-code database platform. NocoDB is one of a number of startups to emerge on the scene with plans to usurp the mighty Airtable, with […]

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