Ransomware is a global problem that needs a global solution • ZebethMedia

This time last year, we were optimistic. It seemed like the tide was turning on ransomware after the U.S. government scored a handful of wins against the cybercriminals carrying out these increasingly damaging attacks: the Justice Department successfully seized $2.3 million in bitcoin that Colonial Pipeline paid to the DarkSide ransomware gang to reclaim its […]

Hive ransomware actors have extorted over $100M from victims, says FBI • ZebethMedia

The U.S. government has warned of ongoing malicious activity by the notorious Hive ransomware gang, which has extorted more than $100 million from its growing list of victims. A joint advisory released by the FBI, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday revealed that the Hive […]

‘We know who you are’ • ZebethMedia

The Australian Federal Police claims to have identified the cybercriminals behind the Medibank ransomware attack, which compromised the personal data of 9.7 million customers. AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw said on Friday that the agency knows the identity of the individuals responsible for the attack on Australia’s largest private health insurer. He declined to name the […]

Police arrest suspected LockBit operator as the ransomware gang spills new data • ZebethMedia

A Russian national linked to the LockBit ransomware operation has been arrested over his alleged involvement in attacks targeting critical infrastructure and large industrial groups worldwide. The 33-year-old suspect was arrested in Ontario, Canada on October 26 following an investigation led by the French National Gendarmerie with the help of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, the […]

Hackers start leaking health data after ransomware attack • ZebethMedia

Medibank has urged its customers to be on high alert after cybercriminals began leaking sensitive medical records stolen from the Australian health insurance giant. A ransomware group with ties to the notorious Russian-speaking REvil gang began publishing the stolen records early Wednesday, including customers’ names, birth dates, passport numbers, and information on medical claims. This […]

Ransomware gang threatens to publish thousands of Australians’ health data • ZebethMedia

A ransomware group with suspected links to the notorious Russia-speaking REvil gang has threatened to release the personal information of millions of Medibank customers after the Australian private health insurance giant pledged it would not pay the cybercriminals’ ransom demand. Medibank, Australia’s largest health insurance provider, first disclosed a “cyber incident” on October 13, saying […]

Crime group hijacks hundreds of US news websites to push malware • ZebethMedia

A cybercriminal group has compromised a media content provider to deploy malware on the websites of hundreds of news outlets in the U.S., according to cybersecurity company Proofpoint. The threat actors, tracked by Proofpoint as “TA569,” compromised the media organization to spread SocGholish, a custom malware active since at least 2018. The media company in […]

Hive ransomware gang leaks data stolen during Tata Power cyberattack • ZebethMedia

The Hive ransomware group has claimed responsibility for the recent cyberattack on Tata Power, a leading Indian energy company, and has started leaking stolen employee data. Tata Power, which serves more than 12 million customers through its distributors, confirmed on October 14 that it had been hit by a cyberattack that impacted some of its […]

To better thwart ransomware attacks, startups must get cybersecurity basics right • ZebethMedia

The Department of Justice (DOJ) famously declared 2021 as the “worst year” for ransomware attacks, but it seems that title could be in 2022’s hands very soon. Despite some rare wins in the war against hackers over the past 12 months — from the government’s seizure of $2.3 million in bitcoin paid out to the […]

NHS vendor Advanced won’t say if patient data was stolen during ransomware attack • ZebethMedia

The hackers used “legitimate” credentials to breach the vendor’s network Advanced, an IT service provider for the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), has confirmed that attackers stole data from its systems during an August ransomware attack, but refuses to say if patient data was compromised. Advanced first confirmed the ransomware incident on August 4 following […]

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