SpaceX successfully launches Falcon Heavy for the fourth time ever • ZebethMedia

SpaceX has launched its Falcon Heavy rocket on a mission for the U.S. Space Force. This is the fourth ever launch of the company’s heavy payload launch vehicle, which first flew in 2018. Today’s launch also marks SpaceX’s 50th in 2022. The payload for today’s launch includes two U.S. space force satellites, including one used […]

Watch SpaceX launch a Falcon Heavy for the first time in three years • ZebethMedia

Thousands are gathering on Florida’s Space Coast to watch SpaceX launch the massive Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time since 2019. SpaceX will attempt to directly inject two U.S. Space Force spacecraft to geosynchronous orbit. The payload includes TETRA-1, a microsatellite developed by Boeing subsidiary Millennium Space Systems, which the company describes as a […]

NASA’s Psyche mission to a metal-rich asteroid is back on the books for October 2023 • ZebethMedia

NASA said Friday that its Psyche mission (named after the asteroid the mission is targeting) has been rescheduled to October next year. The news comes just a few months after the agency announced that it would definitively miss its planned 2022 launch attempt. The delayed schedule is due to late delivery of key components of […]

Flights to offer drinks, snacks and now Starlink • ZebethMedia

Having barely expanded Starlink onto the seas and looking at the Ukraine war as a business opportunity, Elon Musk has expanded Starlink through a commercial- and private jet-focused sub-brand, Starlink Aviation. The idea of having Wi-Fi up in the sky isn’t new, but your service is typically limited. On a commercial flight, one is charged […]

SpaceX no longer seeking Pentagon funding for Starlink in Ukraine, Musk says • ZebethMedia

SpaceX has withdrawn its request to the Pentagon that it fund the ongoing use of Starlink internet terminals in Ukraine, CEO Elon Musk said Monday. His statement (made on Twitter – where else?) comes just hours after it was reported that the Pentagon was considering footing the bill using a fund that finances contracts for […]

Starlink isn’t a charity, but the Ukraine war isn’t a business opportunity • ZebethMedia

What appeared earlier this year to be a selfless act of technotopianism, the widespread deployment of Starlink terminals in Ukraine, has soured as SpaceX and governments disagree on who ultimately should foot the bill of this unprecedented aid campaign. Some expect Elon Musk — one of the richest men in the world — to cough […]

Oh my gourd • ZebethMedia

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. Will every October issue have a Halloween/autumn pun as its title? I’LL NEVER TELL. In this issue: Blast off for Crew-5 Russia’s rethinking on the ISS News from Firefly, TK and more By the way…We are a little over ONE WEEK away from ZebethMedia Disrupt, which is returning […]

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