India’s first private rocket, built by startup Skyroot, makes successful launch • ZebethMedia

India’s space agency has successfully launched the Vikram-S after much anticipation and years-long work in a boost to the private sector of the nation’s space industry. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) kicked off the suborbital rocket at 11.30 a.m. local time Friday from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India’s east coast. The […]

Dept. of the Air Force’s Frank Calvelli talks startups and the military at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

The success of the commercial space sector, in both significantly reducing the cost of technology and massively increasing its capabilities, has captured the attention of the U.S. military. That attention translates into growing interest in startups and how they might secure the space domain for the U.S. and its allies. Frank Calvelli, the Assistant Secretary […]

Gravitics raises $20M to make the essential units for living and working in space • ZebethMedia

The space industry is on the cusp of a revolution. The cost of launch, which has dramatically decreased over the past five years, will continue to drop as heavy-lift rockets like SpaceX’s Starship and Relativity’s Terran R become operational. Parallel to these developments, multiple private companies have introduced plans to build commercial space stations for […]

Students — Shoot for the stars at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

Space technology — it’s incredibly complex, challenging and expensive on an epic scale. It will also impact humanity in ways we both can and can’t yet imagine. It’s the ultimate cutting-edge technology, and it requires a deep bench of brilliant thinkers and makers. If you’re a student with your head in the stars — whether […]

NASA’s Space Launch System makes inaugural journey in historic launch • ZebethMedia

After years of preparation and two false starts, NASA’s heavy-lift Space Launch System has finally taken off and entered orbit. It’s a big win for the space agency — even as it assigns tasks once meant for the SLS to SpaceX instead. Some pre-launch jitters threatened to scrub the launch, but a “red crew” went […]

NASA taps SpaceX for second crewed Starship demonstration mission to the moon • ZebethMedia

NASA tapped SpaceX to provide a second crewed demonstration landing on the Moon as part of its Artemis lunar exploration program, a huge win for SpaceX and a possible gesture at the relative lack of existing competition for such services. The award is a modification to an existing Human Landing System (HLS) contract between the […]

Third time’s a charm? NASA will attempt to launch its mega moon rocket early tomorrow morning • ZebethMedia

NASA is set to launch the Artemis I mission on November 16, with agency officials saying they were prepared to accept the risks from minor damage the launch system incurred from Hurricane Nicole last week. Tomorrow’s attempt, which has a two-hour launch window opening at 1:04 a.m. EST, could kick-start NASA’s ambitious Artemis lunar exploration program. […]

Space in Los Angeles • ZebethMedia

ZebethMedia Sessions: Space is back! Happening December 6 — our third dedicated space event. This is a live, in-person event featuring the most influential people in the space industry, across the public, private and defense sectors. This year saw the commercial space industry undergo a lot of change, including significant consolidation and new entrants in […]

Playground, Seraphim and Root VCs talk funding trends at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

It’s no secret that VC spending in 2022 did not take a page from the wild funding spree that was 2021. This year’s more measured approach has had a cooling effect — particularly on space-related startups. In Q3 alone, investments in 79 space companies hit $3.4 billion — down 44% from Q3 2021. Still, some […]

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