Tesla vehicles will soon have Zoom video conferencing • ZebethMedia

Zoom is working with Tesla to bring video conferencing into its vehicles. The announcement, made at the 2022 Zoomtopia conference, was light on details. But according to Zoom’s group product manager Nitasha Walia, the video conferencing feature “will come standard on all new Tesla models soon.” “You’ve been zooming from your home, your office, your […]

Why watch a movie when you can watch your corporate all-hands meeting? • ZebethMedia

Movie theater attendance is down, largely thanks to the pandemic, but chains like AMC still need to make money. If meme stocks aren’t a reliable business plan, why not find another use for a giant room with a huge screen and lots of seats? In partnership with Zoom, AMC Theatres will launch a product called […]

Zoom’s adding email and calendar as it pushes harder to expand the platform • ZebethMedia

At the height of the pandemic Zoom was the go-to application for meetings with people stuck at home in lock down. During FY 2021, the company was growing at an unsustainable triple-digit rate, peaking at a mind-blowing 369% growth in Q3 2021. By Q2 2023, its most recent quarter, it was down to single digit […]

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