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A month after Hulu raised the subscription prices of its on-demand streaming service, it is now targeting the subscribers of its live TV streaming bundle. Parent company Disney announced in August that it would increase the cost of the Hulu Live TV bundle later in the year.
Starting on December 8, Hulu Live TV subscribers will have to pay $74.99 per month for the bundle with Hulu Live TV (Ads), ESPN+ (Ads) and Disney+ (No Ads)– which was previously the basic $69.99/month plan.
Since Disney+’s ad-supported plan is launching on December 8, subscribers can opt for a basic Hulu Live TV plan for $69.99 per month. The updated basic plan will include the new Disney+ tier with ads, “Disney+ Basic,” as well as Hulu Live TV (Ads) and ESPN+ (Ads).
The premium plan with Hulu Live TV (No Ads), ESPN+ (Ads) and Disney+ (No Ads) will increase to $82.99 per month, up from $75.99/month.
Those who only want live TV content and not Hulu streaming content or Disney+ and ESPN+ content can pay $68.99 per month.
It’s, unfortunately, very standard for streaming services to hike up their prices, especially Hulu Live TV, which has increased its plan every year since 2019. In 2021, the company increased the Hulu Live TV bundle from $64.99/month to $69.99/month, up from $54.99/month in 2019. At launch, Hulu Live TV was only $39.99/month before it offered the Disney+/ESPN+ bundle.
Disney+, ESPN+, among other streaming services like YouTube Premium’s family plan, Apple TV+ and Sling TV, have announced price hikes this year. Netflix also raised its prices in January 2022, ten months before launching its cheaper ad-supported tier.

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