NASA’s Chief Technologist at ZebethMedia event • Los Angeles • Dec 6

ZebethMedia Sessions: Space returns on December 6, and among our distinguished guests is Dr. Carolyn Mercer, chief technologist for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, who will share the agency’s tech and science ambitions and priorities in the Artemis era.
Mercer is a NASA veteran and started as a research engineer at Glenn before ascending through the ranks to her current role. As the “focal point” for new tech and capabilities in all the forms of science and research that the agency uses and funds, she has a powerful bird’s-eye (or orbital) view of its operations.
Of course with a new focus on lunar exploration and habitation, as well as increased reliance on commercial partners, NASA is in the middle of a complex evolution. How do government projects and commercial enterprises safely and securely share knowledge? What is the role of an expert agency in the growing private space economy? And how does it all serve humankind’s knowledge of the cosmos?
With experience in scientific, engineering, and leadership roles, Mercer can speak to the power of NASA-led technological advancement in both space exploration and everyday life. Join us December 6 to hear where the agency is placing its bets and investing its considerable resources.
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TC Sessions: Space takes place on December 6 in Los Angeles, but your chance to buy your early-bird pass and save disappears end of day today Friday, November 4 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT). We can’t wait to see you in LA!
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