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Twitter is launching a new ‘Link Spotlight’ feature that lets professional account users add an interactive button to their profiles that links to a specific URL. The social network says the purpose of the Link Spotlight button is to give businesses and professionals a way to drive potential customers to their content, services or products. With this new button, you can refer users to take a look at your menu, listen to your podcast, make a reservation and more. The Link Spotlight feature is currently available to professional account users in the United States.
Professional account users can choose to add buttons that say “Listen now,” “See live,””Watch now,” “Stream live,” “Read now,” “View menu,” “Book an appointment” and “Make a reservation.” Once you select a button, you’ll be able to enter a destination URL. The interactive button will then be displayed above your tweet timeline on your profile.

👋 Link Spotlight is now available to all professionals in the U.S. This new spotlight adds an interactive button to your profile that can drive your customers to whatever touchpoint is most important to you – viewing a menu, listening to your podcast, making a reservation, etc.
— Twitter Business (@TwitterBusiness) October 12, 2022

The button options are designed to give creators a more direct way to promote their content, while also giving businesses a way to attract and bring in more customers. The social network says the list of options is currently limited as it tests the new feature, noting that it may consider expanding the list in response to feedback.
It’s worth noting that only URLs from Twitter’s allowlist of domains can be added to Link Spotlight. There are 34 domains in this list, including Spotify, Twitch, Grubhub, ChowNow, Vimeo, Etsy, Github, Kickstarter, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Ticketmaster, Soundcloud, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, Substack and more. The full list can be found on Twitter’s Link Spotlight FAQ page. It’s not surprising that Twitter has an allowlist, since it probably doesn’t want to end up linking users to spam websites.
Prior to the addition of the Link Spotlight feature, professional accounts have had the option to add a website link in their profiles, but you aren’t able to categorize the link. The addition of Link Spotlights gives professional accounts the option to link to more content or services in a clearer and more direct way.
The launch of the new feature comes a few months after Twitter expanded its Location Spotlight feature to all businesses with professional accounts to allow them to display their location address, hours of operation and additional contact information on their profiles.
Twitter first introduced Professional profiles last year and it made the option available to all users earlier this year in March. A professional account, which Twitter refers to as “Twitter for Professionals,” gives brands and creators access to additional tools to distinguish their profile. Twitter classifies anyone who uses Twitter for work as a professional.

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