EC Pitch Deck Teardowns

Sateliot’s $11.4M Series A deck • ZebethMedia

You know what really sucks? Your IoT devices not being able to phone home. Rarely a problem when you’re in the center of a well-populated urban center with oodles of cell towers, but think of that water temperature buoy floating around in the Atlantic, an autonomous drone flying above the rain forest or a glacier-creep […]

Syneroid’s $500K deck • ZebethMedia

Syneroid recently raised a $500,000 round of funding to bring something halfway between microchips and dog collars to market. The company is finding some interesting slices of the market, but the deck, overall, leaves a few things to be desired. We learn more from mistakes than from perfection, so I figured it’d be a great […]

I reviewed 1,000+ pitch decks. These are the most common mistakes • ZebethMedia

Over the last six months, I’ve written up 25 Pitch Deck Teardowns — the popular series of articles where I review a pitch deck in detail, celebrating the wins and gently (and sometimes not-so-gently) suggesting improvements. We’ve seen 74-slide decks (yes, really), decks that are riddled with spelling mistakes and bogged down by hideous design […]

Palau Project ‘s $125K deck • ZebethMedia

I get a lot of pitch deck submissions for this ZebethMedia Pitch Deck Teardown series from people who are raising friend and family rounds, and I mostly pass on them. Often, these decks aren’t very good, but it’s important to remember that they don’t have to be. For a small round (say $200,000 or below), […]

Supliful’s $1m deck • ZebethMedia

I don’t typically critique decks for fundraises we didn’t cover on ZebethMedia, but for Supliful, I had to make an exception because it’s a company that solves a spectacularly interesting problem. Consumer packaged goods companies can churn out products all day long, but marketing is an expensive challenge. Creators produce content all day long but […]

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