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How much tax will you owe when you sell your company? • ZebethMedia

Peyton Carr is a financial adviser to founders, entrepreneurs and their families, helping them with planning and investing. He is a managing director of Keystone Global Partners. More posts by this contributor With a Section 1045 rollover, founders can salvage QSBS before 5 years Advanced tax strategies for startup founders When a founder sells their […]

How to turn user data into your next pitch deck • ZebethMedia

David K Smith Contributor David Smith is VP of data and analytics at TheVentureCity, a global early-stage venture fund investing in product-centric startups across the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Of every 100 deals a VC firm considers, about a quarter get a meeting, and only one ends up securing investment. Given the downturn in […]

5 sustainable best practices for bootstrapped startups • ZebethMedia

Marjorie Radlo-Zandi Contributor Marjorie Radlo-Zandi is an entrepreneur, board member, mentor to startups and angel investor who shows early-stage businesses how to build and successfully scale their businesses. More posts by this contributor You’ve sold your company. Now what? The art of the pivot: Work closely with investors to improve your odds No matter how […]

Use IRS Code Section 1202 to sell your multi-million dollar startup tax-free • ZebethMedia

Vincent Aiello Contributor Spencer Fane attorney and business owner Vincent Aiello helps businesses solve legal problems to secure revenue flow and reduce business risks. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too should have called their accountants and lawyers first. These professionals often receive inquiries from founders, equity investment firms and venture […]

3 tips for managing a remote engineering team • ZebethMedia

Kuan Wei (Greg) Soh is a technology entrepreneur and angel investor who enjoys building world-class technology teams. Previously, he worked in financial services, the hedge fund industry and at high-growth startups. Remote work is not for every business and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. When my co-founder and I decided to build […]

Here’s what founders and executives need to focus on • ZebethMedia

Matt Armanino Contributor Matt Armanino serves as the CEO of national consulting and accounting firm Armanino, where he focuses on driving firmwide growth and innovation. Recent economic headlines have been dominated by the declining stock market, rampant inflation and widespread talk of recession. At Armanino, we use the term “VUCA” to describe such broadly adverse […]

What investors really think about the TAM slide in your pitch deck • ZebethMedia

We’re encouraged to think of pitch meetings as a trial by fire: If an entrepreneur can negotiate deadly traps and slay the doubt monsters that bedevil tech investors, they’ll be rewarded with a golden SAFE note at the end of their quest. Particularly for first-timers, the pitch has become an existential drama, which can lead […]

Tips for e-commerce startups that want to win market share this holiday season • ZebethMedia

Guru Hariharan Contributor Guru Hariharan is CEO and founder of CommerceIQ, an e-commerce management company. For consumers, the holiday season means indulging in gifts, family traditions and festive celebrations. But for retail businesses, it’s the most critical time of the year. We’re seeing a gathering storm of economic conditions — inflation, inventory and supply chain […]

6 key metrics that can help SaaS startups outlast this downturn • ZebethMedia

Sudheesh Nair Contributor Sudheesh Nair is CEO of ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence company that has built an intuitive Google-like interface for data analytics. Before ThoughtSpot, Sudheesh was president at Nutanix. More posts by this contributor A blueprint for building a great startup founding team With the economy slowing and businesses tightening their belts, the coming […]

5 ways biotech startups can mitigate risk to grow sustainably in the long run • ZebethMedia

Omar Khalil is a partner at Santé Ventures, where he focuses primarily on biotechnology and medical technology companies. The unprecedented explosion of investment in life sciences over the past decade has resulted in incredible new therapies for patients, strong financial returns for companies and an overall increase in translational research, which is critical to advancing […]

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