Max Q: Ocean splashdown • ZebethMedia

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. TC’s in-person Space event is almost upon us. Will you be there? Learn more about the event here. In this issue: Rocket Lab’s helicopter catch attempt ends in ocean splashdown ispace wants to stake its claim to the moon News from the FCC, Constellr and more Rocket Lab’s […]

ispace wants to stake its claim to the moon with November launch • ZebethMedia

Tokyo-based startup ispace’s lunar ambitions will soon be put to the test, as the company gears up for its first launch at the end of this month. The startup will attempt to send its “Hakuto-R” lander to the moon’s surface, kicking off an ambitious lunar exploration program of the same name. Founded in 2010, ispace […]

Moon set for November traffic jam as both ispace and NASA target launches • ZebethMedia

If all goes to plan, Florida’s Space Coast could see two separate lunar missions take off in November. Japanese startup ispace said Wednesday it is targeting a launch window of November 9-15 for its first lunar lander mission. Separately, NASA set a trio of possible November launch dates for Artemis I, the first in a […]

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