Facebook is removing several information fields from profiles, including religious and political views • ZebethMedia

Facebook is notifying users that it will remove four information fields from profiles starting next month. These fields include religious views, political views, addresses and the “Interested in” field, which indicates a user’s sexual orientation. The change will go into effect on December 1. A spokesperson for the company told ZebethMedia in an email that […]

WhatsApp broadens in-app features to help users browse and find businesses • ZebethMedia

WhatsApp is introducing new Yellow Pages-like features to help users find businesses from within the instant messaging app, part of the Meta-owned platform’s growing attempts to make deeper inroads with e-commerce. The encrypted messaging service, used by over 2 billion users worldwide, said on Thursday that it’s expanding a feature called ‘Directory’ to all users […]

WhatsApp India head Abhijit Bose, Meta India public policy director Rajiv Aggarwal quit • ZebethMedia

WhatsApp’s head of India Abhijit Bose and Meta’s public policy head for the country Rajiv Aggarwal have both left the social networking firm — just days after Meta India chief Ajit Mohan quit the company to join rival Snap. On Tuesday, Meta confirmed the departure of both executives. The company also announced the appointment of […]

The power pendulum is swinging back to employers, isn’t it? • ZebethMedia

Tech layoffs may get worse before they get better — which means that the next few months will be full of companies trying to pivot their way to survival during this extended downturn. At least that’s what entrepreneur Nolan Church, who helped lead Carta’s 2020 layoffs as its chief people officer, thinks. He estimates that […]

It’s not a rug pull if it’s an accident • ZebethMedia

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. We thought that last week was a lot. It was, but this week was somehow more. More chaotic, rapid-fire change at a number of massive tech companies kept us on our toes. So, […]

Facebook, TikTok, Twitter failed election integrity test in Kenya’s elections • ZebethMedia

Social media platforms Facebook, TikTok and Twitter did not live up to their election integrity pledges during Kenya’s August elections, according to a new study by the Mozilla Foundation. The report says content labeling failed to stop misinformation, as political advertising served to amplify propaganda. The study found that hours after voting ended in Kenya […]

Meta slashes expenses on reduced hiring and capex investments • ZebethMedia

Meta’s body blow layoff announcement will see the parent of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp making its first-ever major layoffs as a company, cutting 11,000 employees, 13% of its total; predictably investors are responding favorably, bumping the stock up by over 5% in pre-market trading. While the dust settles and we start to get an idea […]

Meta confirms 11,000 layoffs, amounting to 13% of its workforce • ZebethMedia

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp’s parent company Meta has confirmed a huge round of layoffs, amounting to 11,000 employees or 13% of its workforce. “I want to take accountability for these decisions and for how we got here,” CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a statement. “I know this is tough for everyone, and I’m […]

Instagram rolls out an in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts • ZebethMedia

Instagram is rolling out an in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts in its app, the company has announced. The new tool allows businesses and creators to schedule their posts in advance without having to use third-party apps or Creator Studio. Social media managers and creators have long relied on third-party tools to schedule posts […]

Meta India head Ajit Mohan departs to join Snap • ZebethMedia

Ajit Mohan, the head of Meta in India, has left the firm and joined rival Snap, according to sources familiar with the matter. At Snap, Mohan will serve as the President of the APAC business, two sources said. Mohan joined Meta, called Facebook then, in January 2019 as a VP and MD of the India […]

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