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Students — Shoot for the stars at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

Space technology — it’s incredibly complex, challenging and expensive on an epic scale. It will also impact humanity in ways we both can and can’t yet imagine. It’s the ultimate cutting-edge technology, and it requires a deep bench of brilliant thinkers and makers. If you’re a student with your head in the stars — whether […]

Playground, Seraphim and Root VCs talk funding trends at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

It’s no secret that VC spending in 2022 did not take a page from the wild funding spree that was 2021. This year’s more measured approach has had a cooling effect — particularly on space-related startups. In Q3 alone, investments in 79 space companies hit $3.4 billion — down 44% from Q3 2021. Still, some […]

Engage with Aerospace Corp, Mynaric and Otter at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

We’re getting ready to launch our third TC Sessions: Space conference on December 6 in Los Angeles, and we still feel the thrill associated with space technology and the intrepid early-stage startup founders and researchers who dare to explore the possibilities beyond the boundaries of our home planet — and beyond what we thought possible. […]

Hear Slingshot CEO Melanie Stricklan’s take on simulating orbit at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

Understanding what’s going on in orbit, now and in the near future, is increasingly important for both business and military interests, and Slingshot Aerospace has positioned itself at the center of this quickly evolving space. Co-founder and CEO Melanie Stricklan will be joining us at TC Sessions: Space on December 6 to talk about simulating […]

Space to talk about the future of space stations • ZebethMedia

Our dedicated space event, TC Sessions: Space, is back again this year on December 6 in Los Angeles, and we’re excited to have Nanoracks CEO Amela Wilson joining us onstage for a discussion about what comes next for space stations. Nanoracks is a longtime participant in the existing International Space Station (ISS), having taken part […]

A sneak peek at early-stage startups exhibiting at TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

We’re not ashamed to admit that we get pretty darned giddy when it comes to space technology. It’s out-of-this-world cool. But there’s something else that really gets our pulses pounding, and that’s meeting the early-stage startups that are pushing beyond and reinventing the boundaries of space tech. If — like us — you fit the […]

Less than 24 hours until early bird prices vanish for TC Sessions: Space • ZebethMedia

“Space…the final frontier.” Those familiar words have likely fueled the imaginations of the very people currently forging the future of humanity in space. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet, learn from and connect with them at TC Sessions: Space 2022, which blasts off on December 6 in Los Angeles. Note: Building space startups is serious […]

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