Is web3 really the new phase of the internet? • ZebethMedia

We are on the verge of a new phase of the web, or so the story goes. Its proponents have labeled it web3. While last week’s implosion of systemically important crypto exchange FTX showed that the tech industry is far from realizing that vision in terms of execution, the concept of web3 has been a […]

Say hello to the newest crypto startups from web3 accelerator Alliance DAO’s demo day • ZebethMedia

New crypto startups forged ahead during Alliance DAO’s demo day on Wednesday amid the FTX implosion. “This is actually worse than the 2018 bear market,” Qiao Wang, a core contributor at Alliance DAO, said, referring to the tentative plans for Binance to absorb competitor FTX. “Today, everyone was caught off guard, myself included … the […]

Last day to save with early-bird passes to TC Sessions: Crypto • ZebethMedia

We’re less than two weeks away from kicking off TC Sessions: Crypto in Magic City on November 17. Yep, that’s Miami’s official nickname. Who knew? But listen up, crypto fans, because the bit of magic we call our early-bird special is about to perform a disappearing act in less than 24 hours – 11:59pm PST […]

Ledger, Tezos and Chainalysis talk web3 security at TC Sessions: Crypto • ZebethMedia

The crypto ecosystem may be experiencing fewer hacks and alleged fraud incidents, but they’re still occurring as bad actors take hundreds of millions of dollars from users in the space. According to Immunefi’s Crypto Losses Q3 2022 report, crypto losses have declined for the past three quarters in a row, but it’s not clear whether […]

Ex-Bain investor launches $30M web3 consumer VC fund as solo female founder • ZebethMedia

Magdalena “Mags” Kala, a self-described “lifetime degen,” is no stranger to beating the odds. Before she became an investor, she co-founded an all-female blackjack team that sought to exploit gender bias to make a profit through gaming, she told ZebethMedia in an interview. It’s fitting, then, that Kala was able to raise her first fund […]

Catch these rising startups exhibiting at TC Sessions: Crypto • ZebethMedia

Even when a chill venture wind blows, you’ll find daring entrepreneurs forging ahead, and we’re here to highlight the outstanding early-stage startups in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT and web3. You’ll find them exhibiting at TC Sessions: Crypto on November 17 in Miami, and what better way to check them out than to […]

Connect with Hedera, Wilson Sonsini and MetaJuice at TC Sessions: Crypto • ZebethMedia

ZebethMedia has a long history of partnering with great companies that are not only subject-matter experts, but committed to supporting early-stage startups, too. While this is our first official conference dedicated to the space, TC Sessions: Crypto — November 17 in Miami — is no exception to our great partners rule.  Whether it’s blockchain-, crypto-, […]

Immutable onboarded more web3 games in Q3 than any other quarter, co-founder says • ZebethMedia

Earlier this year, Immutable, a web3 gaming firm with its own layer-2 chain, Immutable X, launched a whopping $500 million fund to boost gaming on its platform. Fast forward a few months and the company says things are going according to plan. “It has been super busy,” Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable, said to ZebethMedia. […]

Google Cloud gets into web3 act with managed blockchain node service • ZebethMedia

Five years ago the blockchain was blossoming in the enterprise, or so many companies had us believe. Back then, companies like SAP and IBM were trying to build blockchain practices, but while the technology sounded good to solve myriad problems in the enterprise, it never really took off. Fast forward to 2022 and the blockchain […]

Crypto and earn a free pass to ZebethMedia Disrupt 2023 • ZebethMedia

It takes a lot of people to bring a tech conference to life, and we’re looking for a few amazing volunteers to support our events team and help make TC Sessions: Crypto an awesome experience for our attendees. If you’re amazing, crypto curious, a DeFi die-hard, big on blockchain, wild about web3, interested in event […]

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