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Meta has announced the global expansion of its professional mode profile setting on Facebook to all creators. Professional mode is designed to be used by creators looking to monetize their followings on the social network. Facebook began testing professional mode with select creators in December 2021 and is now offering it to anyone on its platform.
Professional mode is somewhat similar to Pages in the sense that it gives creators a separate profile to build their presence on the social network. In a blog post, Facebook said that it sees professional mode as a way to “build a public following, earn money from various monetization programs, and connect with your audience in more meaningful ways.”
The profile setting gives creators access to monetization features and analytics tools, such as Facebook’s Reels Play bonus program that allows you to earn money for the reels you share. Professional mode also gives eligible creators access to Stars, which lets you earn money directly from followers on reels, live and video on demand.
In-stream ads will also be launching to eligible professional mode creators, which gives them the opportunity to earn money by enabling ads before, during or after longer videos on demand on Facebook. The company is also testing ads on Facebook Reels on professional mode with a select group of creators across the globe. The company says the ad format integrates into reels by placing ads on reels or in between looping reels.
Creators on professional mode also get access to subscriptions, which gives creators the option to share subscriber-only content on the social network. Subscriptions haven’t fully rolled out yet, and are still in the testing phase.
“Professional mode allows you to build a global audience of followers, while still staying connected to friends and family from your personal Facebook profile,” the company said in the blog post. “As you post public content, you’ll have access to features designed to help you obtain and engage new followers – that were previously only available on Pages.”
The expansion comes at a time when Meta is investing in its creator user base, as it sees the potential in a new revenue stream that comes from things like creator subscriptions. As Meta continues to build the metaverse, it’ll need the support of creators, so it’s not surprising that it’s looking to broaden its offerings for creators.

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