Figma CEO Dylan Field on why he sold to Adobe • ZebethMedia

A month after Adobe announced its plans for acquiring Figma, the popular digital design startup, Figma CEO and co-founder Dylan Field sat down with our own enterprise reporter Ron Miller at Disrupt 2022 to discuss the deal and his motivations for selling to Adobe, a company that Figma’s own marketing materials have not always described […]

Adobe’s AI prototype pastes objects into photos while adding realistic lighting and shadows • ZebethMedia

Every year at Adobe Max, Adobe shows off what it calls “Sneaks,” R&D projects that might — or might not — find their way into commercial products someday. This year is no exception, and lucky for us, we were given a preview ahead of the conference proper. Project Clever Composites (as Adobe’s calling it) leverages […]

RED and Fuji are building’s Camera to Cloud right into their cameras • ZebethMedia

It’s been eighteen months since Adobe acquired, the video collaboration service that helps anyone from freelancers to large production houses streamline their review and editing workflows. One of the core features of is its Camera to Cloud (C2C) technology, which greatly speeds up the process of uploading and sharing video in the middle […]

Adobe makes selecting and deleting objects and people in Photoshop and Lightroom a lot easier • ZebethMedia

Photoshop and Lightroom are incredibly powerful tools for manipulating images, but since the beginning of time, the most frustrating part of working with these tools has been selecting specific objects to cut them out of an image, move them elsewhere, etc. Over the years, the object selection tools got a lot better, but for complex […]

With over 43M K-12 users, Adobe Express for Education gets new AI and safe search tools • ZebethMedia

Adobe Express, the company’s template-centric tool for helping anyone quickly create logos, banners, flyers, ads and more, has always long offered a free version for schools. As the company announced today — one day before its annual MAX conference — Adobe Express for Education now has over 43 million K-12 users globally. With over 43M […]

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