Hidden Door wants to turn fiction into immersive roleplaying experiences • ZebethMedia

The first season of “House of Dragon” just ended, and I find myself wishing for more. I’ve seen each episode twice already, read through the lore, and even re-watched some “Game of Thrones” episodes. If I had the option to immerse myself in that world and role-play as a dragon-riding Targaryen queen, you bet your […]

Skidattl’s augmented reality beacons are ‘like a Bat-Signal for fun’ • ZebethMedia

Skidattl wants to use augmented reality to get people to engage with the real world. It’s a story we’ve heard before from AR companies, particularly as they pit themselves against the potentially isolating effects of virtual reality. But rather than chasing metaversal Pokémon creatures on the street, Skidattl aims to use AR “beacons” to show […]

Pantheon Design alleviates supply chain uncertainty with factory-grade 3D printing • ZebethMedia

In the midst of the pandemic, Pantheon Design, a maker of industrial 3D printers from Vancouver, BC, suddenly found itself getting orders from factories in the Midwest, the center of heavy industries. The reason? These manufacturers were having a hard time getting parts out of China as COVID-19 restrictions in the country squeezed global supply […]

Maro’s new app looks to help schools screen kids for depression and anxiety • ZebethMedia

Maro has developed a platform that helps families and schools navigate tough conversations about mental health. The company, which exhibited as part of the Battlefield 200 at ZebethMedia Disrupt, launched its first product, Maro Parents, in 2020. Now, the company is gearing up to launch Maro for Schools next week to help schools screen students […]

Jasper’s robots assemble fresh meals for nearby apartment dwellers • ZebethMedia

After attempting to sell its tech to large food service companies, cooking automation startup Jasper has shifted to direct-to-consumer. In a recent conversation, CEO Gunnar Froh told ZebethMedia about the pivot and gave a general update on the company, a member of this year’s Battlefield 200 at Disrupt 2022. When Gunnar founded Jasper several years […]

How Zette plans to let people access paywalled news with a single monthly subscription • ZebethMedia

A new startup wants to help online media outlets make money by making it easier for consumers to access paywalled content without being locked in to multiple subscriptions. Demoing as part of the Battlefield 200 cohort at TC Disrupt this week, Zette is trying to achieve something that others before have tried. Since the dawn […]

View select ZebethMedia Disrupt content online today • ZebethMedia

If you couldn’t make it to San Francisco to attend ZebethMedia Disrupt in person, the next is the next best thing. With it, you can access all the sessions that went down on the Disrupt stage, the ZebethMedia+ stage along with select presentations from both the Discovery stage and breakout sessions — today, October 21 only! […]

Meta’s $10B metaverse investment is ‘not enough’ according to Animoca Brands’ Yat Siu • ZebethMedia

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, has a lot of thoughts about the metaverse. That’s because his company owns The Sandbox and has investments in many different web3 companies, such as OpenSea, Dapper Labs and Axie Infinity. At ZebethMedia Disrupt, he shared his thoughts about Meta’s take on the metaverse. They […]

How Talkbase plans to power user-led growth for any company • ZebethMedia

A new startup is setting out to help companies build and harness communities around their products, enabling them to side-step multiple disparate tools and manage everything in a single platform. Founded out of the Czech Republic in 2021, Talkbase launched out of stealth just a couple of weeks back, backed by $2 million in pre-seed funding […]

Uils wants to lend LatAm’s rideshare drivers cash based on their driving record • ZebethMedia

When Uils launched in 2021, it was a car rental service for rideshare drivers. But after the founders realized that many rideshare drivers don’t have access to credit, particularly in Latin America, the Buenos Aires-based company pivoted to fintech, offering financial services to drivers through a behavioral scoring engine based entirely on a person’s driving […]

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