Marc Lore

‘Investors got scared off by Amazon’s attack’ • ZebethMedia

Way back in 2010, Marc Lore struck a more than half-a-billion dollar deal to sell Quidsi — the company behind and — to Amazon. The blow-out acquisition helped turn Amazon into “the everything store,” but twelve years later, Lore described the sale as “upsetting.” “We sold out,” said Lore — who co-founded both […]

Marc Lore shares exclusive details on Jump Platforms, his stealth sports ticketing startup • ZebethMedia

Today at ZebethMedia Disrupt, serial entrepreneur Marc Lore disclosed exclusive details about a new dynamic ticketing startup, still in stealth, that he founded with former New York Yankee all-star Alex Rodriguez. Called Jump Platforms, the company will sell access to seats that free up when people leave midway through a game. Fans already at the […]

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