Marc Lore shares exclusive details on Jump Platforms, his stealth sports ticketing startup • ZebethMedia

Today at ZebethMedia Disrupt, serial entrepreneur Marc Lore disclosed exclusive details about a new dynamic ticketing startup, still in stealth, that he founded with former New York Yankee all-star Alex Rodriguez.
Called Jump Platforms, the company will sell access to seats that free up when people leave midway through a game. Fans already at the game are alerted when better seats become available. Pricing starts high and drops depending on demand in a reverse auction format. 
Lore, who co-owns the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves with A-Rod, has applied for a patent that is still pending. He said he started looking into dynamic ticketing years ago when he was attending various sporting events. 
“I just felt like wow, why are all the seats empty close to the field or close to the arena? And why, when people leave, like when they leave the baseball game in the eighth inning, and all these incredible seats — why do they have people that don’t let anyone go down?” he said, referring to event security staff. “Nobody’s sitting there.”
“So I thought, why couldn’t you — this was the patent — dynamically in real time make these seats available so that people could could jump to any new seat so they would always be filled in. Everybody from the top would naturally come down because there would be a reverse auction,” Lore said.
“I call it dynamic real-time ticketing. There’s lots of other things you can do with that technology.”
Lore assigned the patent to the company and is an investor in the startup.
Jump is still in stealth mode, according to CEO Jordy Leiser’s LinkedIn profile. According to incorporation papers filed in Delaware, the company was founded in August 2021.

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