Meta Connect 2022

Meta partners with Microsoft to bring Teams, Windows apps and games to Quest devices • ZebethMedia

Meta today announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring new content, including Windows apps and Teams tie-ins, to Meta’s metaverse hardware efforts. During Meta’s Connect conference this morning, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft Teams will integrate with Quest devices and that Microsoft will provide a way to stream Windows apps to Meta’s headsets. […]

Meta announces legs • ZebethMedia

Meta didn’t hold back with their announcements at Meta Connect this year. As Facebook has done every year or so, the company is shaking up their avatar products. This year as Meta focuses more heavily on the metaverse, the company made a big addition to their updated higher-detail avatars: legs. The announcement that the avatars, […]

It’s painful how hellbent Mark Zuckerberg is on convincing us that VR is a thing • ZebethMedia

At Meta Connect 2022, the company’s annual developer conference for its VR efforts and Oculus hardware platform, the company announced a lot of stuff — but what it communicated more effectively than anything else was just how incredibly thirsty — one might even say desperate — Mark Zuckerberg is for his metaverse bet to pay […]

Meta wants you to drop $1,499 on a headset to… go to work • ZebethMedia

What happens when you’re working away from your office, so you don’t have your big desk and multiple large monitors with you? You could just use your laptop and make do. Or, you could buy a $1,499 Quest Pro, which Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says is built with work specifically in mind. Today, in Horizon […]

Here’s what you missed at Meta Connect 2022 • ZebethMedia

Last year at Meta Connect, the company then known as Facebook dropped a bombshell: it would now be known as Meta and focus on building the “metaverse.” After investing billions of dollars into the future of virtual reality, the rebranded Meta came back this year for its next big announcement: legs. Yes, avatars are going […]

Meta’s vision for the future of VR is a worse version of the past • ZebethMedia

Meta keeps saying VR is the future, but everything it shows us is an inferior rehash of the things we already have. Its event today was, between assurances that everything is great in the Metaverse, a collection of tacit admissions that the best they can hope to do is ape a reality we are all […]

Among Us is coming to the Meta Quest 2 on November 10 • ZebethMedia

Among Us may have had its heyday two full years ago, but Meta isn’t counting out 2020’s hottest multiplayer whodunnit. Today during its big VR developer event, Meta announced that the indie game will hit the Meta Quest 2 on November 10. Meta first announced Among Us back in April, promising that the game would […]

Meta partners with NBCUniversal to bring you into “The Office” • ZebethMedia

We already know that Meta wants us to go to the office in in virtual reality — but what about The Office? As part of a multi-year partnership with NBCUniversal, NBCUniversal’s streaming app Peacock is coming to the Meta Quest virtual reality headset. “Starting next year, Meta and NBCU will co-create experiences around The Office, […]

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