renewable energy

The era of oil-driven foreign policy is over. Welcome to decarbonization diplomacy • ZebethMedia

For much of the 20th century, oil dominated foreign policy. Countries spent the better part of the century scrambling to secure supply. Sometimes it happened through negotiations and diplomacy. All too often it resulted in the overthrow of governments or outright invasions. But with fossil fuels on the wane, we’re starting to get a glimpse […]

WeaveGrid gets $35M Series B to help electrical grid cope with coming wave of EVs • ZebethMedia

Today, the electrical grid works because utilities have a time-tested playbook. They may not know exactly when you do your laundry, but they generally know washers and dryers run more in the evenings or on weekends. Air conditioners wind up when temperatures soar, and more lights click on during the dark winter months. But in […]

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