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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy faces enormous challenges amid falling profits and negative numbers • ZebethMedia

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is the definition of a company man. In an age when people switch jobs frequently, he has been at Amazon for 25 years, working his way up to president and CEO. But before he reached the corner office, he helped build Amazon Web Services, its cloud arm, into a $60 billion […]

Tips for e-commerce startups that want to win market share this holiday season • ZebethMedia

Guru Hariharan Contributor Guru Hariharan is CEO and founder of CommerceIQ, an e-commerce management company. For consumers, the holiday season means indulging in gifts, family traditions and festive celebrations. But for retail businesses, it’s the most critical time of the year. We’re seeing a gathering storm of economic conditions — inflation, inventory and supply chain […]

Korean internet giant Naver eyes North America, Europe as it grows its C2C marketplace business • ZebethMedia

Did you know that Google isn’t the top search engine in South Korea? It’s not even a close second. Most Koreans actually prefer Naver for various reasons, and they like it so much that the search engine holds about 56% of the market, per Statista. Google is catching up, but it currently only has about […]

VCs continue to pour millions into independent beverage startups • ZebethMedia

After seeing a ton of venture capital investment flow into independent beverage startups recently, it was time to take a step back and see if this kind of company actually made sense as a venture investment. For one, the competition for space on grocery store shelves is fierce, eclipsed only by the fact people are […]

Advances in fit technology could minimize those onerous online returns • ZebethMedia

If you’ve watched even one episode of “Project Runway,” you’ve noted that clothing designers use a “fit model” as the basis for creating their garments. That same method is used by clothing brands all over the world. However, everyone’s body shape is different, and very few of us are built like a fit model, so […]

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