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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy faces enormous challenges amid falling profits and negative numbers • ZebethMedia

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is the definition of a company man. In an age when people switch jobs frequently, he has been at Amazon for 25 years, working his way up to president and CEO. But before he reached the corner office, he helped build Amazon Web Services, its cloud arm, into a $60 billion […]

Okta CEO opens up about Auth0 acquisition, SaaS slump and Lapsus$ attack • ZebethMedia

Okta launched a cloud identity product back in 2009 when most people were locked into Microsoft Active Directory, an on-prem incumbent so entrenched that nobody believed that anyone could touch it. It took a little audacity to go after a giant like that, but Okta took a cloud-first approach, a markedly different strategy from Active […]

Startup CEOs sound off on picking cloud providers • ZebethMedia

Years ago, there was a price war between public clouds. Back in 2014, to pick one example, Amazon’s AWS cut its prices in response to Google’s recently launched competing service. Since those heady days, the cloud infrastructure market has matured and changed. Sure, AWS is still top dog, with Microsoft and Google working to both […]

Cloudflare reaches $1B run rate, promises $5B in 5 years. Investors? Not impressed • ZebethMedia

Cloudflare, the internet infrastructure and security company, reported earnings on Thursday, reaching a significant milestone. With almost $254 million in revenue, the company is on a run rate of over $1 billion for the first time. Revenue, which was up 47% over the previous year, also beat the street’s estimate of $250.6 million. That win […]

Is the modern data stack just old wine in a new bottle? • ZebethMedia

Ashish Kakran Contributor Ashish Kakran, principal at Thomvest Ventures, is a product manager/engineer turned investor who enjoys supporting founders with a balance of technical know-how, customer insights, empathy with challenges and market knowledge. More posts by this contributor Here’s where MLOps is accelerating enterprise AI adoption Remember the cable, phone and internet combo offers that […]

6 key metrics that can help SaaS startups outlast this downturn • ZebethMedia

Sudheesh Nair Contributor Sudheesh Nair is CEO of ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence company that has built an intuitive Google-like interface for data analytics. Before ThoughtSpot, Sudheesh was president at Nutanix. More posts by this contributor A blueprint for building a great startup founding team With the economy slowing and businesses tightening their belts, the coming […]

Rising energy costs are making the cloud more expensive • ZebethMedia

Since winter, around the start of the war in Ukraine, energy costs have risen drastically — particularly in parts of Europe historically dependent on Russian fuel. That’s impacted data centers, which aren’t directly reliant on resources like natural gas but which often draw on power grids and backup generators that generate a portion of their […]

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